Car wrapping illustration for Hangul Festival.
(광화문, 한글 569돌 자동차 랩핑 일러스트레이션)
The Statue of 'King Sejong'
He invented Korean alphabet called 'Hangul'.
Some Historians say king sejong invented Hangul only himself as secret project,
and others say some scholars helped him to creat Hangul.
And I prefer second theory. Because when I face great historical inventions, I want to belive 'system' is more important than one genius.
'훈민정음(Hunminjeongeum)' is the first book about Hangul creation.
And 10.9 was the 'Day of Hangul creation'.
So, "Group Y(8FEAT)" offered me to make big illustration for project of 'Hangul car wrapping'.
They said Hangul has very combined characteristic, and I agreed with it.
So we made a decision for make concept of this project as : "Hangul and Mechanic". 
I made illustration, HYUNDAI borrowed us their best seller car - SONATA, and SR progressed wrapping process. Followings are documents of whole process. :)
1. Blueprint for HYUNDAI - SONATA.
2. Sketch and clean up. with consider about mechanical details.
3. Add basic color.
4. Make additional parts related with 'car'
5. Illustration has finally done!
4. Live wrapping performance at Seoul, Gwang hwa moon.
Roof : 'King Sejong', as a 'Supervisor' or 'director' of Hangul factory.
I regarded King Sejong, as a kind of 'Supervisor' or 'director' of Hangul inventing process.
Bonnet : the main of 'Hangul Factory'
img from 'Focus news'
Interview with 8FEAT
Full interview(Korean only) :

Hangul factory / 2015 / photoshop
Thanks for your appreciation :)
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