Modern Life is Rubbish 
#01 - #12
#01. Odd Dream​​​​​​​.
"Odd dream. Something dressed in yellow came inside his head." 
Sold at 14.7Ξ($23,839)
#02. Work or Life.
"A bad morning as always. Trying to recall last night's dream but it only caused a damn headache. What was that? Anyway it's time to go to work now."
Sold at 15Ξ($26,943)
#03. Way to work
"Something's wrong. Got a really bad headache. But have to go to work no matter what happens. That's life." 
Sold at 38Ξ($63,971)
#04. Birth of Mr Misang
"He exploded with a weird sound. Now he doesn't have to suffered at a headache and doesn't have to go to work. By the way, is he dead or...?" 
Sold at 22Ξ($41,652)
#05. Birth of Franken AJE
"He revived. Congrats! Anyone can revive if he or she has holy glue and resurrection nail."
*AJE means a middle aged man in Korean word. 
Sold at 28Ξ($44,652)
#06. Rebels
"Now they see opposite way, and walk opposite way. Did he get freedom now?
...Let's see what happens next." 
Sold at 28Ξ($44,652)
#07. Subway station
"Work slaves, Work!!!" 
Sold at 82Ξ($148,951)
#08. Packed subway
"They hate each other for various reasons. Complex, complex.
Scenery of every typical morning." 
Sold at 120Ξ($232,538)
#09. Company entrance
"Finally arrived at the entrance of the company. It always feels like entering into a brutal dungeon of the jungle."
*'정시출근' means 'Go to work at the right time' in Korean. 
Sold at 130Ξ($251,917)
#10. Pantheon
"Company lobby. Before entering the office, people are praying to their own God.
To have better one than yesterday with heart. What do you believe? Praying for what?"
Sold at 160Ξ($337,432)
#11. Money Factory
"Dollar is fragile. Do you agree? ...or not?"
Sold at 200Ξ($504,868)
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#12. Mr Misang & Crypto World
"Mr Misang is walking, breathing, and leaving his traces in the Crypto world. 
Wait, What is the Crypto World?"

Masked Workers
Crevasse #01-#05
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