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2021, Superrare
#01. Odd Dream
"Odd dream. Something dressed in yellow came inside his head." 
Collector : franzjager
#02. Work or Life & Early Sketches of MLIR
"A bad morning as always. Trying to recall last night's dream but it only caused a damn headache. What was that? Anyway it's time to go to work now."
Collector : anonymous
#03. Way to work
"Something's wrong. Got a really bad headache. 
But have to go to work no matter what happens. That's life." 
Collector : gblsts
#04. Birth of Mr Misang
"He exploded with a weird sound. Now he doesn't have to suffered at a headache and doesn't have to go to work.
By the way, is he dead or...?" 
Collector : bluest_chips
#05. Birth of Franken AJE
"He revived. Congrats! Anyone can revive if he or she has holy glue and resurrection nail."
*AJE means a middle aged man in Korean word. 
Collector : gblsts
#06. Rebels
"Now they see opposite way, and walk opposite way. Did he get freedom now?
...Let's see what happens next." 
Collector : clementdubois
#07. Subway station
"Work slaves, Work!!!" 
Collector : pemorales
#08. Packed subway
"They hate each other for various reasons. Complex, complex. Scenery of every typical morning." 
Collector : gblsts
#09. Company entrance
"Finally arrived at the entrance of the company. It always feels like entering into a brutal dungeon of the jungle."
'정시출근' means 'Go to work at the right time' in Korean. 
Collector : gblsts
#10. Pantheon
"Company lobby. Before entering the office, people are praying to their own God. 
What do you believe? Praying for what?"
Collector : gblsts​​​​​​​
#11. Money Factory
"Dollar is fragile. Do you agree? ...or not?"
Last Sold 200eth ($504,868)​​​​​​​
Collector : gblsts
#12. Mr Misang & Crypto World
"Mr Misang is walking, breathing, and leaving his traces in the Crypto world. Wait, What is the Crypto World?"
'Space Hardrock Machine' is a classic piece from 2012 that has been claimed by Mr Misang himself as the start of his confidence in his artistic aspirations as a professional illustrator. 10 years later, Mr Misang chose this important work as the foundation for the commemorative F2Pool 8th Anniversary NFT auction. 50% of this auction sale will be used to purchase carbon credits with full primary sale fees from Superrare completely contributed as well.
Space Hard rock Machine
Last Sold 88eth ($351,000)​​​​​​​donated half for carbon credit
Collector : SaltyPopcorns
2021, NiftyGateway
Masked Workers (1/1)
There were two ways to collect this work. You had to be the first to collect all 25 types of workers, or pay $150,000 to buy them right away. As soon as the work was released, a collector immediately paid to collect it.
Collector : Ely Trader
Masked Workers editions
Sleeping Beauty
Collector : DanseungVault
Jack of Clubs(JOC)
A deck of playing cards featuring works of 55 leading artists.

Morning Routine(Not Minted)

Chillin at work(Not Minted)

2021, KlipDrops 
#06 will be released 2024.

SSG & PrintBakery

Typical Office Hours(TOH) was free gifts for GhostsProject community contributors.​​​​​​​
2023~2024 Summer.
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