Modern life is a rubbish
This is the series of "HELLO MR MISANG". MR MISANG is traveling odd worlds with his friend, Franken AJE. First world is the city of WORK, MONEY, COMPETITION. * MR MISANG and Franken AJE are in every illustrations. Let's find them!
Brave new closet
"멋진 방구석"(white letters at center) means "Brave new closet" in Korean. Hommage for Aldous Huxley's SF novel "Brave new world"
Hell Chosun wonderland
Hell Chosun wonderland.
Dubstep invasion
Dubstep invasion 2015 / pen, photoshop. "Dubstep machine is invading rock'n roll city!!"
Space hardrock machine
Pen on paper, photoshop. A3.
Forest woodrock machine.
For magazine 'MERO'.
Space hardrock machine VS Big brother.
Space Hardrock Machine VS Big Brother.
DDance, Music & Chaos.
Reinterpretation of chinese myth about Chaos. pen on paper, photoshop, A3
Raincloud Machine
work for me
"25" gif motion typography
Facing Anxiety
Facing Anxiety.
The First Rebel
The First Rebel.
Fix it! (maze book for kids)
small quantity sample of maze book for kids
How to survive in the cheese planet.
How to survive in the cheese planet
Running mind
running mind
old comix. very old!
Old stuffs (2009~2012)
Some of my old drawings and illustrations cannot be categorized.