Rough World
Moving Illustration for MV [Rough World]

This illustrations is artwork for M/V 'Rough World'.
The video inspired from RWB(RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF - a Porsche tuner located in Japan) culture. 
Filmed by DawittGold who is director from PEACHES, and music by NAFLA and LOOPY who are famous rapper from label MKIT, Korea.

Sound from here↑
Director suggested me just 2 things ; 
1. It should be related about Japan.
2. There must be 2 tuned Porsches in illustration. 

When I got offered this work, I've thought about Tokyo. And I've thought about 'Shinto' - Japanese Indigenous religion. 
I think people don't worshipping their 'Shinto gods' now, but worshipping money, sex, power. So it's 'new Shinto'. 
The subject has changed, but the essential of worshiping didn't changed. Not only in Japan, but also in Korea. And maybe other countries are similar.
And I've thought about Japanese sex culture, crime, getto and so on. (Because it's title is 'Rough World'! haha)
I mixed them in one pot and boiled with red-magenta color. This is my ROUGH WORLD.
↑ Illustration for Closing credit.

Peaches One Universe. in Collaboration with MKIT RAIN Records 2018. (check 4K option!)
Music by nafla, Loopy 
Directed by Dawittgold 
D.O.P by auteurrr 
Illustration by me, Mr.Misang

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