Nasus' Secret Garden 
Moving illustration for Riot Games Korea
Moving illustration for Riot Games - 'INVADE ART'.
INVADE ART is show to celebrate 10th Anniversary of League of Legend.​​​​​​​

↑↑↑Sounds from here↑↑↑
Here is secret garden, build in Nasus' mind. This garden is made for memory about Shurima.
It's perfect, ideal place for Nasus. But sometimes, wraith of Xerath suddenly appears.
"Nasus kills ghost of Xerath again and again in his secret garden."
Installation. 55inch display x 6.

work process
When I got offer from Riotgames Korea, I thought I want to build huge Nasus statue at Egypt style jungle or garden. So I tried to make sketch about wide garden. 

My first animation idea was make little Nasus is walking around this garden. 
But I thought it wouldn't be effective. And it was not easy to make this imaginary place. 
At that time, I thought about my another sketch that drawn at years ago.

↑↑↑This is my another sketch for canceled commercial project.
I really loved this sketch and theme, but I couldn't finalize it because the project has crashed.😭 
Fortunately, I thought concepts among this sketch and [Nasus' Secret Garden] was really simillar. 
So I decided to reuse some parts from this sketch.

And I started to draw about Nasus and Renekton. They are brothers and archenemy.
I thought that's interesting story. So I made golden statue of crocodile(means Renekton) at center.
But I thought story among Xerath and Nasus is more famous. I changed Renekton to Xerath. 
put black and some more details.
Basic tone. Separate objects.
Final illustration.
...and added animations.
Actually I'm not a hard trained [animator], so it was pretty challenge work for me.😫
Tools : adobe photoshop and aftereffect.
all rights reserved at MR MISANG & Riotgames Korea.
Thanks for watching.
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