album cover illustration for Khundi Panda.
Front cover
Burning man is escaping from burning car.
He found a door and decide to go forward it.​​​​​​​

Room 1. 블랙박스 (BLACKBOX)
Burning man is melting down like tar.
Some people watching him and mocking him.
Room 2. 네버코마니 (Nevercomanie)
He found his hero at next room.
Hero had been Incarcerated for decades.
They exploded and combined each other.
Room 3. 자벌레 (Camoflage)
They became huge looper worm.
I thought about Kafka during drawing this.
Room 4. 양심트리거 (TriggerFlow)
Now he has new wings.
He need to fly if he want to escape from this room.
Room 5. 향바코 (Paperolls) & Room 6. 겟어웨어 (Getaway)
He realized there are lots of rooms and lots of doors(holes). 
He found clock hands and grabbed it.
Room 7. 어덜트금고 (Nothermaturesgold)
There are giant door keeper who lost his time.
Man gave clock hands to door keeper.
Room 8. 낙찰 전 / 용기의 합창단 (Story On Sale)
Auctioneer is trying to buy him.
He don't refuse the auction system itself. 
But he wants to make much more higher price to himself.
Room 9. 킥아웃코드 (Kickout Code)
Last room. Many of other people tried to break the wall, but they failed. 
He decided to break the wall and go outside.
*Did you find rabbit footprints at all of previous illustrations?
Outside. 집 (Home)
He succeeded in escaping from GAROSAWK.
But there are lots of other GAROSAWKs in this universe.
Are you ready to break your own GAROSAWK?
Every illustrations are connected horizontally.
Each illustration is about each tracks.
GAROSAWK means Horizontally Long House.
Music : Khundi Panda
Design : KOSB(고상범)
Illustration : MR MISANG
Thanks for watching! 

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