"DDance, Music & Chaos."
(땐쓰, 뮤직 & 카오스.)

In ancient Chinese myth,
(山海經 , Classic of the Mountains and Seas , Shānhǎi Jīng),
there was a "bird" named "Di Gang(帝江)".
It looked like a red pouch.
It had 6 legs and 4 wings,
and had no ears, eyes, mouth, and nose.

but it liked to sing and dance.
Di Gang was the "God of Chaos".

(I found this image of Di Gang(帝江) from internet.)
I was really inspired about by this story.
How could Di Gang(帝江) dance and sing without any ears and mouth?
Maybe chinese people in ancient times
considered the concept of Chaos as very energetic being and 
they(even "Chaos" itself) couldn't control it.
I think, they made this story to explain and
understand "Chaos".
Here is my work's detail and working process.
enjoy it ! :) 
A3, staedtler 0.4mm/0.8mm, hi-tec-pen.
Di-Gang(帝江) conceal the "Chaos" in its body.
This snake body woman is "Nǚwā(女媧,)". The god of Creation.
Maybe... next time I will make other work about her.
Ddance, Music & Chaos / 2013 / pen, photoshop

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