Below 4 illustrations are made for each different clients and has each different subjects. 
But I think they share similar tones and feelings. So I decide to union them with 1 theme : CROWD.

1. DJ DOC- Convenience store.
Sound from here↑
I made cover illustration&animation for Korean historic hiphop band DJ DOC's song named [Convenience store].
It was released at January of 2018.
I tried to describe feeling of depressed people in morning, at subway. 

2. Micro dust & hope.
Even when I walking at riverside, I felt micro dust was attacking me.
But always there are tiny hope.

3. Flowers - The Independence Movement Day
Illustration for celebrate 100th anniversary of [The Independence Movement Day] which was held to against at Japanese colonial rule.
Client told me there were many woman independent activists who were not very known. So I tried to put many woman activists.
I made 100 different people for this scene.

4. Fuckit-expense(Sibal biyong)
It was made for Foreign Policy Magazine, article about 'Sibal-biyong(시발비용)
Actually this is early version, but personally I prefer this. It seems more emotional than final version.
Boom!! it's final version.
[​​​​​​​Loosely translated to “fuck-it expense,” the term is a compound noun combining shibal(a swearword for frustration) and biyong (expense). It first appeared in late 2016, with the earliest tweet about it referring to “an expense that I would not have spent if I weren’t under stress,” such as “an impulsive food delivery or a cab ride.” The post caught on, and the term was named “neologism of the year” by several South Korean media outlets.]
* I made this one's sketch with iPad pro.
Much more works at instagram.
Thanks for watching!

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