Toy & illust exhibition - 2nd Space monster show.

2nd Space monster show in halloween night at TOY REPUBLIC. I did one big illustration and customized art toy.

Juyong X Space Monster Contents.
(illustration and figure custom for Holloween party)
Opening party for '2nd Space monster show' was released at TOY REPUBLIC, 10.31 Halloween night.
The Party's concept was Down to earth, and Space monster contents(SMC) asked me to make 
an Illustration and customize their art toy.
Poster design : Space Monster Contents.
1. Custom toy
When I got SMC mock-up toy, 
I thought it looks like Angus young - Legend guitar player in AC/DC. Because just both are wearing short pants.
So I decided to make works for AC/DC tribute. The work's title 'Let there be rock!' is AC/DC's famous rock number.
Acrylic color, custom stickers, dutch bowl(I don't know it's name. the plastic ball for toy's head),
and a very very small woman figure.
I used "EL light" for make 'thunder' inside head.
And made on/off button.
'Whoo! I'm locked up in the Rock Energy!'
2. Illustration
Based on upper toy design. Angus young - monster attacked earth, 
and shouted "Let there be rock!!!!!"
Let there be Rock! / 2015 / 594x841(mm) / Juyong
Exhibition at TOY REPUBLIC. (10.31~11.15)
With 6 profesional artists, DASOL, HEYO, YOGIBOY, Juyong(me), HUDINI, Shin do hyun, DOK
Let there be rock!(Juyong X SMC) / 2015 
Thanks for your appreciation!
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